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Slotted Angle Frame Work Racks

Slotted Angle Frame work racks are made by combining heavy duty slotted angle components in wide sections.

Slotted angle shelving racks has its limitations in terms of its available size & loading capacity hence Our engineers have designed SLOTTED ANGLE FRAME WORK RACKS.

These racks can be made in Various sizes ( Length’s upto 3000mm x depth upto 1800mm) with having a loading capacity of 100 kgs to 1000 kgs per level.

These racks can use plywood , Metal , Wiremesh for covering or Its can be used as a skeleton frame as well.

Slotted Angle Frame Work Racks can be made in single tier , 2 tier system or even 3 tier system Due to its flexibility we can customize the deign and loading capacity to suit the Users need and specifications.

Advantages Of Shelving Racks :

    • Highly Flexible System
    • Easy to construct
    • Heavy loading capacity
    • Economical on cost
    • Large Number of sizes available