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Slotted angle Pigeon Hole / Partition Racks are made out of slotted angles and shelves combining different components we can make the desired slotted angle Pigeon Hole / Partition rack .

This type of racks are used When You need To cover the racks from all 3 sides and also there is a need to differentiate products in smaller Batches different sizes , colour , shapes etc… the partition in between helps in dividing the racks into small Sections called as pigeon Hole / Partition Racks.These shelving racks can be made as per the customers needs & specifications and different loading capacity the loading capacity of these racks vary from 50 kgs/per shelve upto 150 kgs per/shelve UDL.

Advantages Of Shelving Racks :

    • most commonly used
    • most flexible
    • easy to move
    • easy to install & easy to maintain
    • economical cost
    • large number of sizes available
    • easily expandable system
    • protected from all 3 sides
    • easy to bifurcate the products in different sizes, colours, shapes etc.